ASP .NET Core MVC Consulting and Corporate Training in the Philippines

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Best ASP.NET Core MVC Consulting and Corporate Training in the Philippines

asp net mvc core training and consulting in Manila, Philippines

ASP.NET ASP NET Core MVC training. Consulting in the Philippines

You will learn ASP.NET Core 2.0 by building three applications. The first application will be built using an empty template, the second with the MVC template, and the third with Razor Pages. The goal with the first basic application is to get you familiar with ASP.NET Core 2.0 by adding middleware and services one piece at a time. Then you will create a solution with three projects; the first project will be used to create a shared database with Entity Framework Core 2.0, the second project is a MVC application for the regular user interface, and the third project is an administrator user interface built with Razor Pages. This solution is a video course website, where users can register to gain access to video courses and administrators can add and modify course content and users.

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aspnet core consulting in the Philippines
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